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Oct 16, 2015 - Dec 19, 2015

Michael Byron: Syntax Within a Gray Scale 2.0
Zlatko Cosic: South Slavic Requiem (Media Arts Room)
T. M. MacLowe: 2016/20,000 (Bruno David Projects @ 3721)
Group Exhibition (Project Room)

Bruno David Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Michael Byron. Marking the artists first solo exhibition with the gallery, Michael Byron's new paintings continue a body of work which is a culmination of the artists working methodologies in traditional painting, collage, and installation which debuted in an one-person exhibition at Michelle Grabner's exhibition space, The Suburban, in Oak Park, Illinois in May 2015. The artists interest in moving painting into a theatrical dialog has expanded from his 1983 Backdrop Series into his new work employing large-scale, commercially enlarged collages as substrates for the inclusion of abstract and figurative paintings from the artists Grisaille Series.

In the Media Arts Room, the gallery presents a video installation South Slavic Requiem by Yugoslavia-born, Saint Louis-based video artist Zlatko Cosic. South Slavic Requiem concludes a series of art projects related to the war in Yugoslavia but also opens up new territories to address current political and social issues. In remembrance of the 20th year anniversary of the end of the war in Yugoslavia, South Slavic Requiem is a tribute to people who died as a result of national, racial, religious and other types of discrimination. Many were eager to separate into national groups, which contributed to the end of Yugoslavia.

In our relocated Bruno David Projects @ 3721, the gallery presents an installation "2016 / 20,000" by T. M. MacLowe. With T. M. MacLowe s work, the reaction from the viewer is immediate and instinctual. The political and social commentaries on current events are direct and unapologetic, giving viewers the opportunity to assess their society and themselves within it. The artwork morphs these thoughts into stunning visual creations that represent opinions that are shared by many, but often kept private. These works show how our current society is redefining itself and is reminiscent of the works of Leon Golub, Barbara Kruger, Alfredo Jaar, Peter Kennard, Jenny Holzer and Hans Haacke.
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Syntax Within a Gray Scale 2.0

Project Room

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Media Arts Room
South Slavic Requiem

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