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Oct 17, 2014 - Nov 15, 2014

Leslie Laskey: Embrology
Frank Schwaiger: Ritual Acts

Bruno David is delighted to present two special exhibitions, Embrology (Small Things) by Leslie Laskey and Ritual Acts by Frank Schwaiger. These two remarkable artists and long time partners bring together two uniquely unusual exhibitions.

Leslie Laskey, one of the most successful and experienced working artists in the St. Louis area, is an innovative thinker whose work never fails to make an impact on viewer perceptions. His new series titled Embrology, created in the last two years in St. Louis, Key West and Michigan, will not disappoint his followers and supporters. Leslie Laskeys media of choice is ever changing, and characteristic of his work. In this new oeuvre, he incorporates collage, oil paint, acrylic, and crayon. It is this variety of media and style, which adds to the engaging quality of his work and its subsequent effect on viewers.

In the Front Room, the gallery presents Ritual Acts, an installation of new work by Frank Schwaiger. Ritual Acts is an exhibition including twenty-four works on paper as homage to twentieth century artist and printmaker Shiko Munakata, and features paintings and bronze sculptures. "The hand guides the tool, chips the stone, and wields the brush. As the eyes search, forms emerge from the process, mysteriously. The hand evokes meanings-acts that define the artist and man. A conduit is forged for the soul. The brain stumbles behind, laughing." This show marks Schwaiger's second solo exhibition with the gallery.

In the New Media Room, the gallery presents a documentary on the life and work of Leslie Laskey "Forty-Seven Views of Leslie Laskey" by filmmakers, David Wild and Lulu Gargiulo. Excerpts from the documentary film Forty-Seven Views of Leslie Laskey, 2012 (View excerpts)

In the Project Room, the gallery is presenting a group exhibition "UNTITLED" organized by Keri Robertson.

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