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Alex Couwenberg: Revisited (Main Gallery)
Leslie Laskey: A Gathering...(Project Room)
Eric Minh Swenson: EMS International: Based in LA (Media Arts Room)
Monika Wulfers: Random 3314 - 3315 (Bruno David Projects)

(Sep 11, 2015 to Oct 10, 2015)

Press Release (PDF)

Bruno David Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings "Revisited" by Los Angeles-based artist Alex Couwenberg. Marking the artists third solo exhibition with the gallery, Alex Couwenbergs paintings explore process and the moment through tightly controlled compositions of paint and mark making. Couwenberg creates images that are inspired by the elements indigenous to his surroundings.

In the Project Room, we are pleased to present a solo exhibition "A Gathering: Muses-Fates-Furies" by Leslie Laskey. Mr. Laskey, now 94 years-old, is one of the most successful and experienced working artists in the Saint Louis area. He is an innovative thinker whose work never fails to make an impact.

In our newly renovated Media Arts Room, the gallery presents a video installation "EMS International: Based in LA" by Los Angeles-based photographer Eric Minh Swenson. In this presentation, he covers the life of artists, their art and art openings  from Miami to New York, San Francisco, Hawaii and back to Los Angeles.

In the relocated Bruno David Projects at 3721 Washington Blvd., the gallery presents an installation of two sculptures by German born Chicago-based artist Monika Wulfers.

Michael Byron: Syntax Within a Gray Scale 2.0
Zlatko Cosic: South Slavic Requiem (Media Arts Room)

(Oct 16, 2015 to Nov 14, 2015)

Press Release (PDF)
See Press Release above

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