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Charles P. Reay: Strats / DADADADA / Complications
Daniel Raedeke: NATUREBOOK (Project Room)
Yvonne Osei: Africa Clothe Me Bare (Media Arts Room)

(Jun 03, 2016 to Jul 09, 2016)

Press Release (PDF)

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, June 3 from 6 to 9 pm

Marking the artist's second solo exhibition with the gallery, Charles P. Reay presents a new installation titled "Strats, DADADADA and Complications". A plurality of conjectures, "Strats, DADADADA and Complications" summarizes several small groups of works produced, primarily in simple collage form, over the last two years.

In the Project Room, the gallery presents new paintings by Daniel Raedeke. This is the artist's third exhibition with the gallery.
Daniel Raedekes new painting series, NATUREBOOK, offers a handmade, acoustic, compliment to his often digitally inspired artistic output. In previous work, Raedeke has developed layered surface effects as backgrounds and skins on invented forms. In Naturebook, Raedeke concentrates the work into an investigation of the layered background.

In the Media Arts Room, the gallery presents a video work by German-born Ghanaian artist Yvonne Osei. This is the artist's first exhibition with the gallery. Yvonne Osei most recent work, entitled Africa Clothe Me Bare, is an ongoing series of performances, characterized by redefining outdoor nude female sculptures in Western countries. The art is birthed not through a product but through the process of dressing and undressing nude female monuments often erected to commemorate buildings, decorate architectural façades and become mere extensions of water fountains and museum fronts.

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