Window Women
(Window on Forsyth)

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Marking the artist's fifth solo exhibition with the gallery, Jill Downen presents an installation Window Women in the WINDOW ON FORSYTH (on view 24/7), a stack of sculptural blocks representing female breasts that command attention. Stacked in neat rows, subtle nuance reveals that each is uniquely shaped, a result of the artist's additive and subtractive processes, layering plaster and sanding surfaces to achieve feminine curves. Presented at street level, is this a nod to Amsterdams women in windows, fecundity available for consumption? Or is this an homage to Artemis, the ancient Greek diva of Ephesus, with a cultural stream of commerce flowing from the goddess image? Downen's work addresses such dialogue in relation to contemporary situations such as womens marches and a nasty women arsenal in pursuit of equality.

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