Chris Rubin de la Borbolla
Lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri.

Current exhibition true love waits at Bruno David Gallery / Window on Forsyth (September 14-October 26, 2019)

As both an artist and a professional digital designer, Chris works in an ever-changing environment where the lines of traditional and commercial forms of expression have been blurred through a means of a process where one can equally employ scientific and artistic reason. Chris uses technology as a means to appropriate materials on all sensory fronts, re-assemble them, and distribute them across numerous media.

Chris believes a majority of art arises from the collusion of critical, reflective reason and the freeplay common to dreams, derangement, and the suspension of unquestioned structure. "Coming of age, I found my general creative process commensurate with that of Lynch, Burroughs and Baudrillard. All compositions begin with a chance meeting of archived images, words or design aesthetics, which eventually filter into a residual center. These progress from that origin with no notion of its end / completion oftentimes with the origin itself being rewritten."

Though Chris may express his ideas using a variety of forms, techniques and media, numerous critiques have maintained that the works find a common ground in their conversation of the social, the political, the real and its simulacra (ontology), and other epistemology.

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