Charles Schwall
American, Lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri

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Charles Schwall's paintings are informed by curvilinear and organic formations found in nature that are often associated with life, growth, and regenerative energy. In each work, interdependent shapes and lines overlap to form one entity, which evokes an interior place of gestation or incubation and also establishes a dialectic between containment and lack of containment. His approach to painting involves combining processes of visual perception, mental imaging, and linguistics in order to discover aesthetic and structural correspondences among these elements. The paintings are created through additive and reductive processes of layering paint, as well as the refined use of gesture, contour, silhouette and color. The resulting images possess subtle relationships between shape, line, hand-rendered edges and a surface that reveals a sense of touch.

Schwall's work was recently included in the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis "Flat Files" series, and also will be shown at the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art's "Nineteen St. Louis Painters" exhibition in summer of 2007. As an artist educator, Schwall has studied the educational system in the municipality of Reggio-Emilia, Italy, and co-edited and co-authored the book, In the Spirit of the Studio: Learning from the Atelier of Reggio Emilia. (Link)

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