Shane Simmons
Lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri

Shane Simmons' paintings are built from combining layers of rapid paint application, and a personal form of automatic drawing. Very quick decisions are recorded in fast drying washes of acrylic paint; spray cans shot with a shotgun, and various permanent drawing instruments. He usually works up several pieces simultaneously, applying information at a speed that often pushes the activity into what psychologists define as "flow"; athletes call the "zone", and what he describes as an exceedingly enjoyable altered state of consciousness.

From his earliest recollection, Shane Simmons says that his mind has been somewhat crowded with churning and morphing colors and patterns that seem to be formed from the mundane visual stimulus absorbed from everything he has ever encountered and reconstituted into some kind of animated cerebral mosaics that wax and wane into different levels of my consciousness with a sexual like tension, imploring to be articulated and released. These fleeting visualizations usually form the seed and beginning of each new work, and the failed attempt to appropriately reproduce these impressions provides the ingredients and energy for the materialization of what inevitably becomes a completely different and new thing altogether, shaped by the process, altered by my imagination, and corrupted in the transfer.

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